Locul unde iti poti lasa “bagajele” de care nu ai nevoie: Fundatica


Acum cativa ani eram innebunita sa bifez cat mai multe destinatii, aveam o pofta de nestapanit sa vad cat mai multe orase si locuri noi. Visam la itinerarii prin Andaluzia, Toscana, sudul Frantei, zidul Chinei, ciresii din Japonia, oraselele pitoresti ale Germaniei, road tripuri cu masina prin Croatia si Muntenegru, insulele grecesti, jungla amazoniana, Nepal, Peru, Mexic, Thailanda…lumea mi se parea o carte mare de povesti de descoperit Continue reading


Waiting for the volcano in Stromboli Island

stromboli island 3Stromboli si very similar with Panarea Island I was telling you in another post, only bigger. Is famous for its active volcano and most of the trips sold to Stromboli are sold with the image below. I kind of waited for the big explosion, Continue reading

A little gem

DSC_1396No matter how much I love the immensity beauty of the sea, in the past years I discovered the silence of the mountains. I discovered how much the forest is giving us back, no matter how much we deny it and we try to cover its beauty with big hotels and loud music. For me, the mountain and forest are made to don’t talk. Are made to listen. Maybe I got to the point when I want more to listen than I want to talk 🙂

And I found a perfect place to do this. The Harmonie Complex in Predeal Continue reading

In search for simplicity I found paradise: Panarea Island

DSC_0202Every person has its own vacation style, its own way to wonder and create emotions. Mine is based on nature and simplicity. The combination of these two ingredients is what I call perfection. I can stay hours and enjoy the forest or the sea waves, I love to wake up in the morning hearing the sounds of the birds and I love the simple food, taken in your own terrace in front of the sea with a glass of rose wine included.

I went in a small vacation in the Eolian islands and I discovered one of my favorites places to stay. Continue reading

Idyllic Othodox Easter in Harghita. A vacation in yellow, green and blue


This year I decided to use the Easter occasion for visiting a new place in my country. I decided to go to Harghita, which is around 6 hours far from Bucharest. I was in the mood to spend couple of days very close to nature to recharge my body and mind after so many months of no sun and low temperatures. To remember there is a lovely sun and flowers and fresh air away from the grey Bucharest. To see only yellow and green and blue. Continue reading

Represent, Represent… Cubaaaa!

Remedios BeachI didn’t post lately anything on travel since during winter I don’t experience so much this part. But I invited some friends to add their travel experience to my modest blog.

Here you have a very realistic and sincere story of Cuba from my lovely friend Raluca. It’s good to know that exotic places have also their dark sides and to know what to expect along cha cha, blue sky and mohito. Enjoy!

There are a lot of people who say that there is no other place like Cuba. Personally for me Cuba has not been an amazing experience. I liked and not loved every moment of it. Nevertheless, there were moments when I would not have left a special town, or I would have stayed at a table and drink a mojito for endless hours. And the beaches Continue reading

Detox Retreats


Vacations are…not anymore just vacations. We are trying now to merge the relaxation and beautiful places with personal benefits, like health. For long time were very popular the spa vacations, which were not quite affordable because were based mainly on expensive care, luxury places and so on. I never liked the idea to pay so much money for some massage in a  luxury hotel full of rich people.

Lately, the interest is not focused only on the outside of our body, but more and more to the inside. In an age of plastic food, hormones, fast food, pills, slow digestion, Continue reading

Bucharest Agenda: 30 september, V for VERDE

Duminica, 30 septembrie 2012 intre orele 11 si 20:00, prima editie V for VERDE transforma Villa Barrio (strada Biserica Amzei, nr. 30) in cel mai verde-aprins loc din Bucuresti. Targul mintilor deschise e manifestul oamenilor care stiu sa se bucure de viata in ciuda orasului gri, deadline-urilor si traficului. Continue reading