De vorba cu mine insami. Hercule si cele 12 probe…spirituale


Ce este ceea ce ne face nefericiti?

Am strans o lista cu ceea ce simt ca ma face pe mine nemultumita, inchisa sau departe de mine insami. De dragul povestilor cu happy end le putem numi probe pe care putem incerca la fel ca acei feti frumosi si printese din poveste sa le depasim. Oare ce probe are Hercule din tine?

1. Judecata

Judecatile care le facem fata de noi, fata de cei din jur, fata de straini, prieteni, viata, situatii. Sunt multe mecanisme nesanatoase si neproductive care provin din judecati.

Pentru unii, judecata este un critic interior care ne face sa ne simtim urati, inferiori, neapreciati, neinsemnati. Pentru altii, judecata devine un instrument de a te simti superior si de a-i trata Continue reading


De vorba cu mine insami. Cararile emotiilor


Desi ne place sa credem ca suntem fiinte mentale si logice, de cele mai multe ori suntem prozonierii propriilor noastre emotii si ganduri.

Si desi emotia uneori nu dureaza mult, poate fi si in jur cateva secunde, cauzele ei se adauga ca niste mici caramizi la constitutia noastra, definfindu-ne modul de a gandi si reactiona.

De unde vine emotia? Si care e primul? Gandul sau emotia? Evenimentul sau gandul? Evenimentul sau emotia? Continue reading

Conversations with myself: Things we need to know. South countries and Fair Trade.

Pari, 6, fills up empty cigarettes manually with locally grown tobacco as she works in a small bidi (cigarette) factory at Haragach in Rangpur district, Bangladesh. PHOTO: Andrew Biraj /Reuters

Pari, 6, fills up empty cigarettes manually with locally grown tobacco as she works in a small bidi (cigarette) factory at Haragach in Rangpur district, Bangladesh. PHOTO: Andrew Biraj /Reuters

We watch movies about Africa and most of us wish to get there and save the abandoned children. To give to them love, education, food and attention. To make them feel happy, to try to change something in their world. But most of us we don’t get to Africa and we comfort ourselves with the thought we want but we can’t. We comfort with the thoughts we are compassionate people, that we care about those poor and helpless people but our possibilities are not enough to do something. And we give up. With compassion. Continue reading

Conversations with myself: I am my parents child

tumblr_lj7bz0ZkcI1qd2ndvo1_500_largeI don’t know how many of you recognize inside their own parents. Maybe my story is more clear being raised bu just one parent and like this I see very clear the image of my mother inside myself. My mother raised me in a period when it was not easy to be a single mother. There were not so many single parents and people were not discussing so much about how to be a single, independent and happy parent. Continue reading

The man who didn’t believe in love

tumblr_m1z566ks7d1qmc31jo1_500_largeA lovely story from a lovely book. About how we give others the responsibility of our happiness and how we wait for happiness to come from outside of us.

I WANT TO TELL YOU A VERY OLD STORY ABOUT the man who didn’t believe in love. This was an ordinary man just like you and me, but what made this man special was his way of thinking: He thought love doesn’t exist. Of course, he had a lot of experience trying to find love, and he had observed the people around him. Continue reading

Today we wear the romanian traditional blouse!

saritul-peste-foc-in-noaptea-de-sanziene_6ce29049b9e107I am not a very patriotic person, in fact I think we would be a better world without the borders of the countries that makes us being in competition and always hate the others not like us. But…I like very much the traditions. And today is a very nice one in the romanian folklore. Today is the day of the fairies, called Sanziene. There are very nice stories going around about the night from 23 to 24 June, about these beautiful fairies  dressed in white dresses with flowers in their hair called Sanziene. It’s a magic night. Continue reading

Conversations with myself: The naked truth

Discover yourselfWe all want to discover ourselves.
It’s not true! We want to discover we are perfect, we  are kind, good and wonderful.
We want to discover only parts of us and don’t look to the not so beautiful ones. We split so well the good and bad.
  • Positive is: kindness, generosity, compassion, equilibrium, peace, sympathy, taking care of others, helping in hard times, supporting the family, sacrificing, looooove.
  • Negative is: envy, malice, pride, selfishness, arrogance, anger, hate, hate, hate.

We reject the bad and embrace only the good. Because only the good princess gets the beautiful prince, because only angels are white, because only the good wins in the movies, because modesty is appreciated… why arrogance is rejected by the others, because, because… Continue reading

Conversations with myself: Running for number 1

I think we need to admit that at least 90% of us are running for number 1. What is interesting is that everybody has a different definition for what is “number 1 position”.
For some can be an admired career, for others the perfect family. For some can be to save the world while for others to be in the middle of the attention. For some to be loved by everybody while for others to be the smart ones admired and envied from distance. So many combinations. Continue reading

Conversations with myself: When we live in two

large89898I love how unique a couple can be. It’s  really a wonderful creation, the creation of two people, who can be similar or different, but never the same. Two people both having a universe of feelings, emotions and particularities. Doesn’t matter for how long they stay together, for how big or small is their love. Sometimes we have this tendency to judge the couples, to think some are better because they look more inlove  or more stable, some are damned to break up soon or some are too  boring. Really..doesn’t matter! What is matter is what we all live in this moment, no matter is forever or not, no matter is a mistake or not, no matter it can be improved or not. We need to learn to take life as it is and live any experience without closing it in a box with a big NO on top. Continue reading

Conversations with myself: Why do we need nature in our life

pizap.com13680242914151Coming back from a vacation spend in the nature, away from crowd places, I realized how easy is to be happy and how much the time spend in nature is helping to this. I think there is a strong connection between man and nature, connection which many we considered too “out”, not fancy and definitely boring. And some others understood it wrong, organizing parties in the nature with the music loud and talking for hours about politics, sports or disappointments in life and completely forgetting to see the miracles around them. Continue reading