Waiting for the volcano in Stromboli Island

stromboli island 3Stromboli si very similar with Panarea Island I was telling you in another post, only bigger. Is famous for its active volcano and most of the trips sold to Stromboli are sold with the image below. I kind of waited for the big explosion, but it didn’t came. You know how the hope dies last. Oh well…next time. In fact, the most touristic attraction of Strombili is the trekking until the volcano (around 3 hours) to enjoy the specific views and receive as a bonus a possible explosion. All safe, no worries.

foto_home4 Stromboli is an island of my taste: few people, empty beaches and tight streets that are going up and down. I love walking on these streets because are like an endless surprise. Every corner I find something new to marvel and admire. A tree full of flowers, a cute house, some forgotten stairs, a lazy cat annoyed you passed on her street and disturbed her.


stromboli island 5DSC_0307stromboli island 1DSC_0336stromboli island 2stromboli island 6Somewhere up on the island, close to the church there is a very lovely restaurant. From outside doesn’t look impressive, but take a look inside.

stromboli island 4They prepare almost anything from pizza to pasta, grilled vegetables, pastry, icecream and prices are medium. Worth a dinner there for the lovely view and for the garden created inside. I never saw so many flowers and trees into a restaurant. Wonderful!

DSC_0338And never say no to the gelato! 🙂

DSC_0360DSC_0358Some happy italians..because la vita e bella, no?


DSC_0362The wall art.stromboli island 10Evening closed with a lovely sunset.

DSC_0406stromboli island 8


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