A little gem

DSC_1396No matter how much I love the immensity beauty of the sea, in the past years I discovered the silence of the mountains. I discovered how much the forest is giving us back, no matter how much we deny it and we try to cover its beauty with big hotels and loud music. For me, the mountain and forest are made to don’t talk. Are made to listen. Maybe I got to the point when I want more to listen than I want to talk πŸ™‚

And I found a perfect place to do this. The Harmonie Complex in Predeal (2 hours away from Bucharest) has 2 little gems. One is the house in the tree, which is exactly at the beginning of the forest and the other one is a small house for two with a wall made of glass from where you can have one of the most wonderful views. More than the view, I liked the feeling of no boundaries between me and the surrounding landscape. To wake up in the morning and see from your bed that wonderful view is priceless.

Harmonie Complex PredealI caught a rainy weekend. And on the way to Predeal I was a bit disappointed that I will not be able to walk around because of the rain. But in the end the rain got out all the smells of the grass, the trees and the earth. The colors became more alive.

The place is full of forest, you just have to choose from where to enter. It’s true I also saw some wild boars or pigs that scarred me to go to deep into the forest. Well..that’s the nature! Talking with the guy from the complex about this little “meeting”, he told me something very simple and true: “It’s normal for them to be there. In the end, we invaded their place, not in reverse”. Good some of us still remembers that we are the visitors and not the creator.

Harmonie Complex Predeal 2DSC_1407DSC_1422The tree house. For who wants to be more connected with the nature and live the childhood dream.Harmonie Complex Predeal 1DSC_1413The surroundings.

DSC_5164Harmonie Complex Predeal3And our little house.

DSC_1436Harmonie Complex Predeal 4The perfect window.

DSC_1433And the perfect outside.

DSC_1404With some little friends.

DSC_1408The complex has all the houses made from wood, in a rustic way which I appreciated so much. In the end, if I want luxury and modern building, why would I come to the mountain, no? I hope the area will not become too crowded in the future

My only advice is: if you go there, don’t open the TV. There are things more interested to see on the window, than from TV.

As for my activities: walking, a bit of reading, enjoying a rose (always) and a lot of NOTHING! I really love the nothing! And I am very proud of doing nothing!

I invite you all to try it from time to time πŸ™‚

DSC_5186And how can I let you otherwise than with this lovely mantra from Deva Premal?


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