Today we wear the romanian traditional blouse!

saritul-peste-foc-in-noaptea-de-sanziene_6ce29049b9e107I am not a very patriotic person, in fact I think we would be a better world without the borders of the countries that makes us being in competition and always hate the others not like us. But…I like very much the traditions. And today is a very nice one in the romanian folklore. Today is the day of the fairies, called Sanziene. There are very nice stories going around about the night from 23 to 24 June, about these beautiful fairies  dressed in white dresses with flowers in their hair called Sanziene. It’s a magic night.As wikipedia says, the folk practices of Sânziene imply that the most beautiful maidens in the village dress in white and spend all day searching for and picking flowers, of which one MUST be Galium verum (Lady’s bedstraw or Yellow bedstraw) which in Romanian is also named “Sânziànă”. Using the flowers they picked during the day, the girls braid floral crowns which they wear upon returning to the village at nightfall. There they meet with their beloved and they dance around a bonfire. The crowns are thrown over the houses, and whenever the crown falls, it is said that someone will die in that house; if the crown stays on the roof of the house, then good harvest and wealth will be bestowed upon the owners. As with other bonfire celebrations, jumping over the embers after the bonfire is not raging anymore is done to purify the person and also to bring health.

NOAPTEA SANZIENELORAnother folk belief is that during the Sânziene Eve night, the heavens open up, making it the strongest night for magic spells, especially for the love spells. Also it is said that the plants harvested during this night will have tremendous magical powers. It is not a good thing though to be a male and walk at night during Sanziene Eve night, as that is the time when the fairies dance in the air, blessing the crops and bestowing health on people – they do not like to be seen by males, and whomever sees them will be maimed, or the fairies will take their hearing/speech or make them mad. Some more details here.

Ia romaneascaToday we connect with the folklore and traditions. In respect to this, today became the international day of the IE, the Romanian traditional blouse. We created a new tradition, so the girls are wearing today this beautiful blouse. The old melted with the new and I hope more and more women will choose today to dress the Romanian “ie” or similar blouses on 24 June. There are many of us girls who can borrow from our grandmothers this wonderful item and there are plenty of stylish ways to wear it if you don’t want to have an old look..I like very much there is a day when I can wear the ie and we can all girls do this together. I am sure everybody can find a good reason to wear it today, from being stylish to being patriotic. Or like me, to remember there are fairies in the world and celebrate the femininity!

ziua sanzienelorI celebrate today the old, the new and the femininity. I celebrate the real femininity in us women, the one that has no time. The one that our grandmothers had it and their grandmothers before. There is no change in feminine, because it’s an inside state. What differs is only the mask we put to it.

I celebrate the kindness, the intuition, our love for beauty, the attention, our connection with the nature, the dreams, the hope, the open hearts we have when we choose to open, the courage of getting out of the patterns, the simplicity, the happiness, the dance, the freedom.

I say YES to the freedom and dance!

love the danceI say YES to joy and to enjoy!

zanele-zalaului-in-holdele-de-la-cricauI say YES to friendship!

gethumb.details.phpI say YES to old and new!

the old and the newAnd I say Yes to Romanian traditional blouse! 🙂

matisse-8I also saw some very nice events organized  for today, from which I liked the Skirt Bike from Iasi which is a tour on bike only for girls encouraging to wear Romanian traditional blouse during the byke tour.

And for who doesn’t want to let go to fashion today, there are plenty of “fashionable” ways to wear it!

fashion ie

And…Happy birthday today to my soarece..the most beautiful sanziana! 🙂



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