In search for simplicity I found paradise: Panarea Island

DSC_0202Every person has its own vacation style, its own way to wonder and create emotions. Mine is based on nature and simplicity. The combination of these two ingredients is what I call perfection. I can stay hours and enjoy the forest or the sea waves, I love to wake up in the morning hearing the sounds of the birds and I love the simple food, taken in your own terrace in front of the sea with a glass of rose wine included.

I went in a small vacation in the Eolian islands and I discovered one of my favorites places to stay. Eolian islands are a small group of volcanic islands in Sicily, with black sand and a typical architecture with white houses thrown on the hills. Each of the eolian islands has its own charm. But what I liked to all of them was the wild nature, the lovely architecture with not even one big hotel to destroy the view and the lack of people. For the last reason I suggest you to visit eolian islands in June or probably September. Nothing can replace me the feeling I have when I stay alone on a beach. You know how it is: for the rest, there is Master Card :))

The most quiet, romantic and beautiful island from eolian group is Panarea. Panarea is not an island, is actually a small paradise! 🙂 Is the smallest one from the Eolian group but I don’t have words to say how much I enjoyed the views in Panarea, the little roads with white houses, blue windows and the flowers everywhere. The flowers are one of the reason I love Sicily in fact.

I will let the pictures to speak for how beautiful and yet simple Panarea is.

Panarea Island #1Outside bed with view to the sea.DSC_0154Panarea Island #3Into the blue. Blue details can be found everywhere from windows, doors, scooters, tables, flowers..and even the garbage place. I wonder if the cats are blue also :))))

Panarea Island #4White island.

DSC_0133DSC_0173And a bit of color

DSC_0156More flowers

Panarea Island #5

Panarea Island #12Perfect place to rest in the afternoon…DSC_0187Panarea Island #6

Panarea Island #11Little church from where you can see the sea.

Panarea Island #7Time to relax in the small harbor.Panarea Island #8DSC_0268Panarea Island #9The road to the sea…

DSC_0178View over the sea. The island you can see is Stromboli, known for its active volcano that sometimes makes fire explosions.


Panarea Island #10Happiness 🙂

Good bye my dear Panarea. I promise to be back.


How to get to Panarea: with the ferry from Milazzo. Or you can stay on any island from the Eolian group (such as Lipari) and take the ferry to Panarea (Ustica Lines  – 1 hour) or a day trip to Panarea and Stromboli (around 30-40 euros).

To be continued…with Stromboli Island.


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