The man who didn’t believe in love

tumblr_m1z566ks7d1qmc31jo1_500_largeA lovely story from a lovely book. About how we give others the responsibility of our happiness and how we wait for happiness to come from outside of us.

I WANT TO TELL YOU A VERY OLD STORY ABOUT the man who didn’t believe in love. This was an ordinary man just like you and me, but what made this man special was his way of thinking: He thought love doesn’t exist. Of course, he had a lot of experience trying to find love, and he had observed the people around him. Continue reading


De vorba cu mine insami: Danseeeeez!

tumblr_m9qoiwi8JP1rd2info1_500_largeDansam sa fim sexy. Sa fim privite sexy. Sa fim privite.
Dansam sa aratam interesante si atractive. Sa ne simtim femei. Sa ne simtim frumoase.
Dansam pe mese ca sa ne simtim vii.
Dansam sa fim cool. Sa ne simtim cool. Sa ne simtim diferite. Dansam sa fim mai interesante decat altele si altii.
Dansam ca sa atragem, sa cucerim, sa abandonam. Sa fim pasionale si indraznete pentru ca asa e femeia perfecta a secolului nostru: nu e plictisitoare. Are initiativa si stie ce vrea. Continue reading

A little gem

DSC_1396No matter how much I love the immensity beauty of the sea, in the past years I discovered the silence of the mountains. I discovered how much the forest is giving us back, no matter how much we deny it and we try to cover its beauty with big hotels and loud music. For me, the mountain and forest are made to don’t talk. Are made to listen. Maybe I got to the point when I want more to listen than I want to talk 🙂

And I found a perfect place to do this. The Harmonie Complex in Predeal Continue reading

Today we wear the romanian traditional blouse!

saritul-peste-foc-in-noaptea-de-sanziene_6ce29049b9e107I am not a very patriotic person, in fact I think we would be a better world without the borders of the countries that makes us being in competition and always hate the others not like us. But…I like very much the traditions. And today is a very nice one in the romanian folklore. Today is the day of the fairies, called Sanziene. There are very nice stories going around about the night from 23 to 24 June, about these beautiful fairies  dressed in white dresses with flowers in their hair called Sanziene. It’s a magic night. Continue reading

In search for simplicity I found paradise: Panarea Island

DSC_0202Every person has its own vacation style, its own way to wonder and create emotions. Mine is based on nature and simplicity. The combination of these two ingredients is what I call perfection. I can stay hours and enjoy the forest or the sea waves, I love to wake up in the morning hearing the sounds of the birds and I love the simple food, taken in your own terrace in front of the sea with a glass of rose wine included.

I went in a small vacation in the Eolian islands and I discovered one of my favorites places to stay. Continue reading

De vorba cu mine insami: Cand traim in doi

tumblr_lyzkf96Vyg1rophvuo1_500_largeIubesc cat de speciala e fiecare poveste de dragoste. Cat de unic e fiecare cuplu. E o creatie minunata, e o creatie a ei si a lui, doi oameni care pot fi cat se poate de diferiti, de asemanatori, dar niciodata la fel. Intr-un cuplu cream. Unii creaza magie, romantism, altii creaza prietenie si intelegere, altii munca in echipa si incredere. Unii creaza pentru cativa ani, creaza timp de o viata. Nu conteaza atat de mult ce cream cat si actul in sine. Toti cream ce avem nevoie. Da, unii ne cream drame si lectii de viata in timp ce altii isi creaza fericirea. Continue reading

De vorba cu mine insami: Adevarul gol golut

“Vreau sa ma descopar pe mine” Cred ca este una dintre cela mai dese dorinte a societatii in care traim.
Nu e adevarat!
Vrem sa descoperim ca suntem de fapt minunati, frumosi, extraordinari. Ce vrem e sa ne loveasca trenul peste noapte si sa ne trezim dimineata cu gandul ca suntem extraordinari. Ca suntem perfecti. Ca nu ne lipseste nimic.
Cu totii vrem sa descoperim doar anumite parti din noi. Acelea luminoase. Si evitam sa ne uitam la cele “urate”. Pentru ca am invatat sa separam bunul de rau.
  •  Ce e bine? Compasiunea, Generozitatea, Intelegerea, Toleranta, Armonia, Increderea, Pacea, Sa avem grija de cei din jur, Sa ii ajutam pe cei din jur, familia, Sa ne sacrificam pentru diverse si mai ales IUBIREA.
  • Ce e rau? Rautatea, Meschinaria, Invidia, Egiosmul, Falsitatea, Minciuna, Aroganta, URA, URA, URA

Anulam ce e rau si imbratisam numai binele. Pentru ca numai printesa buna ramane cu printul cel frumos, pentru ca ingerii sunt albi si nu negri, pentru ca numai binele castiga in filme si povesti, pentru ca modestia e apreciata iar aroganta e data la o parte,  pentru ca asa e bine, pentru ca, pentru ca… Continue reading

Conversations with myself: The naked truth

Discover yourselfWe all want to discover ourselves.
It’s not true! We want to discover we are perfect, we  are kind, good and wonderful.
We want to discover only parts of us and don’t look to the not so beautiful ones. We split so well the good and bad.
  • Positive is: kindness, generosity, compassion, equilibrium, peace, sympathy, taking care of others, helping in hard times, supporting the family, sacrificing, looooove.
  • Negative is: envy, malice, pride, selfishness, arrogance, anger, hate, hate, hate.

We reject the bad and embrace only the good. Because only the good princess gets the beautiful prince, because only angels are white, because only the good wins in the movies, because modesty is appreciated… why arrogance is rejected by the others, because, because… Continue reading