Conversations with myself: Why do we need nature in our life

pizap.com13680242914151Coming back from a vacation spend in the nature, away from crowd places, I realized how easy is to be happy and how much the time spend in nature is helping to this. I think there is a strong connection between man and nature, connection which many we considered too “out”, not fancy and definitely boring. And some others understood it wrong, organizing parties in the nature with the music loud and talking for hours about politics, sports or disappointments in life and completely forgetting to see the miracles around them.

Maybe I will look outdated also, but I discovered the silence in nature. Why? To connect to myself and to connect to the one close to me in a silent way. No words needed. Just the beauty around me. No mind rumor needed. Just the air traveling around me. No sharing thoughts needed. Just to know we are there, one close to each other. Sometimes, we can build more by not talking and giving space one to each other.

So try to skip the malls, parties, gym, friends, shopping and visiting hundreds of cities and find the closest and isolated piece of forest around you. Go and breathe the nature. Go and try to find yourself. If you are a more artistic type, you can also take an empty canvas, some paint and try to paint something. If you want, sing, dance..whatever makes you go out of your “costume”, no matter how silly you might think it is. Play! I can assure you will leave with much more than you came.

tumblr_m1vsgaRhDT1rnn1i7o1_500_largeWe are so occupied to have the most social life, full of activities and interesting things to do. But how many of these activities are just not occupying our free time with empty space? We think we do things for us, but in reality we run from us. And at the end of the day, we always close our eyes wishing for a bit of rest. So when the weakened is coming, we start again the marathon. End point: absolutely nowhere! Try to stop killing your time in order to find the real time and real moments.

65105_268888373226375_2038931117_nAnd if you want to spend couple of days and you are not a camping fun, try to find a little house in the forest. For sure you cannot ask for more! 🙂



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