Idyllic Othodox Easter in Harghita. A vacation in yellow, green and blue


This year I decided to use the Easter occasion for visiting a new place in my country. I decided to go to Harghita, which is around 6 hours far from Bucharest. I was in the mood to spend couple of days very close to nature to recharge my body and mind after so many months of no sun and low temperatures. To remember there is a lovely sun and flowers and fresh air away from the grey Bucharest. To see only yellow and green and blue.

And I think I found the perfect place for this. Why so perfect? Because I saw on the way coming back to Bucharest how the areas more close to the city were full of hotels and pensions, one close to each other, struggling for a bit of fresh air. I can only remember that from my pension close the Gheorgheni that I could only see the forest and I could only hear the river passing in front of the pension. Very different from the crowd area you can find at Sinaia, Predeal, Busteni. Even a bit far, worth to get there.

What you can do and visit: 

  • Bicaz Gorges
  • Lacu Rosu
  • Praid with Salina Praid (salt mine, salt bath)
  • Sovata, the old village and Lake Ursu
  • Lazarea Castle
  • Borsec for the mineral water
  • Ivo Wildlife Park
  • Rock climbing, Nordic walking, hiking, biking, horse riding
I choose to visit the Bicaz, The Red Lake. As for activities, I walked, I visited the surroundings with the bicycle and made also some horse riding.
  • Horse Trip
DSC_1247horse ride
  • Byke, walking and relax

Relax 1

relax 4


Relax 2

DSC_1224relax 3

  • Red Lake (Lacul Rosu), Bicaz (Cheile Bicazului)



Bicaz part 2

Where to stay

I choose the Red Lake Inn based on the Internet reviews which were very good. Indeed, the place is thrown in a forest, you feel isolated and gives you a wonderful intimate feeling.

red lake inn 1

DSC_1368 DSC_1363

It’s on a road that goes throw a forest where I enjoyed the bycicle ride. Just me and nature. What can be more perfect than this.

The services are very good for a place in Romania. The breakfast was a buffet having local cheese, meat, eggs or scrammbled eggs, fruits, olives, yoghurt, musli, honey and so on. I very apreciated there were always fresh vegetables on the table.

For the dinner or lunch, they prepare a great food, which can be also vegetarian. You don’t know what you will receive, but it always been a nice surpise. One day we received the cold sour cherry soup. It’s more like a dessert than a soup, but very good. I also apreciated the good latte I enjoyed it in the garden.

red lake inn 2

The room prices you can find on booking. Rooms are small, but nicely decorated. There is a garden where you can spend your time.

red lake inn

The lunch or dinner costs 14 euros and you can also add some wine. They have plenty of options, including the rose wine which I like very much.

The place has bicycles that you can use and also a room with sauna and jacuzzi.

Enjoy Idyllic Harghita!

Relax 6


2 thoughts on “Idyllic Othodox Easter in Harghita. A vacation in yellow, green and blue

  1. That area is the perfect summer retreat. Temperatures are about 10°C lower and it’s a good place to find peace of mind. If you feel like hiking a bit, there’s a 2 hour climb to “Piatra Singuratica” (Lonely Rock) starting in nearby town Balan. Up there you’ll find a cabin and a natural rock climbing spot.

    Close to Gheorghieni, in Borzont, there’s a great Szekely restaurant which is outdoors and rustic. you can try the famous bread with potatoes and many pork dishes made right there next you. In Izvourul Muresului there’s a restaurant as well, not very fancy, but the food is great and cheap.

    Also, if you like to drive, the road from Gheorghieni to Prad is in great condition (or was last year) and I think it’s anything but boring.

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