Conversations with myself: Running for number 1

I think we need to admit that at least 90% of us are running for number 1. What is interesting is that everybody has a different definition for what is “number 1 position”.
For some can be an admired career, for others the perfect family. For some can be to save the world while for others to be in the middle of the attention. For some to be loved by everybody while for others to be the smart ones admired and envied from distance. So many combinations. Continue reading

Get a french twist with summer espadrilles


If you look for a casual, french style look, there is absolutely no way you can miss the espadrilles. They are made for a long walk on Paris streets with a over the knee nude dress, a navy look hair and no makeup. Some can think they look too old, but are so many new models now on the market, from tribal prints, lace or studded espadrilles that makes it easy to find a model for your taste. Continue reading

Conversations with myself: When we live in two

large89898I love how unique a couple can be. It’s  really a wonderful creation, the creation of two people, who can be similar or different, but never the same. Two people both having a universe of feelings, emotions and particularities. Doesn’t matter for how long they stay together, for how big or small is their love. Sometimes we have this tendency to judge the couples, to think some are better because they look more inlove  or more stable, some are damned to break up soon or some are too  boring. Really..doesn’t matter! What is matter is what we all live in this moment, no matter is forever or not, no matter is a mistake or not, no matter it can be improved or not. We need to learn to take life as it is and live any experience without closing it in a box with a big NO on top. Continue reading

Conversations with myself: Why do we need nature in our life

pizap.com13680242914151Coming back from a vacation spend in the nature, away from crowd places, I realized how easy is to be happy and how much the time spend in nature is helping to this. I think there is a strong connection between man and nature, connection which many we considered too “out”, not fancy and definitely boring. And some others understood it wrong, organizing parties in the nature with the music loud and talking for hours about politics, sports or disappointments in life and completely forgetting to see the miracles around them. Continue reading

Idyllic Othodox Easter in Harghita. A vacation in yellow, green and blue


This year I decided to use the Easter occasion for visiting a new place in my country. I decided to go to Harghita, which is around 6 hours far from Bucharest. I was in the mood to spend couple of days very close to nature to recharge my body and mind after so many months of no sun and low temperatures. To remember there is a lovely sun and flowers and fresh air away from the grey Bucharest. To see only yellow and green and blue. Continue reading