Summer & music mix and match

tumblr_mlcxpbRg4U1rwps8jo1_500_largeSummer is close and soon all the beach festivals are starting. What a great combination: music, beach, sun and summer! One of the reasons I like these festivals is that you can dress as wild and crazy as you like. The rule sounds more like: no rule, go as wild as you want! And of course: no high heels!

The looks you will always see to the beach festivals are hippie, boho, indie or rocky style. Favorites items: boots, hats, shorts, long large skirts, vests, layers or fringe tanks in any combination you want. It’s like a puzzle of colors and styles. But be careful to don’t forget that even if you want to have a not studied look, this is only the impression you want to show. Your look must still be a look and not something you just took from the washing machine.Don’t forget about the make up: it’s a beach festival, not a cocktail, so heavy make up is not accepted. I would suggest to don’t use strong eye colored make up. Even if you choose the rock style you don’t need the black smoky eyes.

  • Shorts

If you love your legs and like to show them go for shorts! Any kind you like: jeans, leather, prints, lace, studded, extra shorts. Remember, you are at the seaside so you can afford as short as you want! If you went for shorts, add boots: cowboy, studded, ankle. No high heels, no wedges! Depends on the look you want, you can go either for a clean one: grey -white-black look or for something more crazy where you can combine any colors and prints you like.

Great look from Alessandra Ambrosio below! But what we can expect from an angel?

alessandra-ambrosio-041213-_20(5)_large546088_10151567603521023_1423745300_n 8653653781_76d02cdbb3_o8654755532_0c30fdb1bc_o

  • Dress

Choose short summer dresses. Choose all white (lace included) or floral print. Mandatory a hat for this look and add sandals, converse or boots again.

Coachella-2013 Nasty_Gal_Coachella_1alessandra-ambrosio-ffn-coachella-day3-gallery

  • Skirts

Go for long ones and match it with short crop top if you don’t mind showing the abdomen part or with the jeans vests that are so in right now.


  • Bags

I would go for 2 types of bags: the rucksack or shoulder bag.

  • Add some Fringe

Add fringe to a top, vest, dress for bag for a wild look!

Items from Nasty Gal

  • Heads up!

Match the long wavy look hair with a hat, baseball hats or boho style accessories

tumblr_mlaxjiFF8o1rp4duqo1_500_largeChoachella 2013

In the end, I let you with the spirit of having fun!!!!


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