I really believe there is a strong connection between our body, mind and spirit. And one of the easiest way to start working for the balance in your life is through diet. Diet is maybe too much to say, i refer more to a way of eating, not a way to loose weight. Of course a healthy eating style can help loose weight also but I don’t want this to be my goal. My goal is to keep a sort of balance in my body.

How many times didn’t you feel heavy or didn’t have problems with the stomach after having a big dinner/ lunch: hamburgers, fried things, too much meat or just a bad combination of food? And how many times didn’t you feel light after a salad or very simple food, not to processed? Feeling full after eating is not a good thing as many people think..don;t will not starve to death. We don’t need so much food in our body and most of it, we don;t need so much food lacking in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and so on. I can call it the ZERO food. Because it’s zero to our body.

One of the diets I like is the macrobiotic one, very popular in US. The word “macrobiotic” comes from the Greek and essentially means “long life” or “great life.”

The plan of the diet is simple: it’s a sort of vegetarian diet (with few fish included), based on grains, vegetables, seafood and nuts which combines the food after the principles of yin and yang. It’s invented by the Japanese George Oshawa. It is not just a  diet, but a life philosophy teaching us to always keep an energetic balance between the masculine energy and feminine one. Yin foods are cold, sweet, and passive while yang foods are hot, salty, and aggressive. Some foods are prohibited because they contain toxins or fall on the far end of the spectrum, making it difficult to achieve and respect a Zen-like balance.

yin yang

Even if it was not proofed through specific tests, there are a lot that confirms to have been cancer free after starting the macrobiotic diet.

Microbiotic diet uses the sea vegetables (wakame, nori, kombu) and in particular the miso soup, traditional Japanese soup. Miso paste (the base ingredient of the miso soup) is produced by fermenting rice, barley, and/or soybeans with salt and the fungus most typical miso being made with soy.

  • miso cleanses and detoxifies – helping to eliminate pollutants from the bloodstream and boosts immunity
  • miso is a fermented food and fermented foods are known for strengthening the immune system and also the digestion
  • miso it’s loaded with good bacteria. For strong digestion, it is essential to have these in abundance, and without strong digestion you can’t have great health
  • miso has anti-cancer properties. It contains the phytochemical genistein which has been researched for its ability to cut off the blood flow to cancerous tumours.
  • and I can add a great taste


George Oshawa created also a detox diet for 10 days, called Oshawa’s diet no. 7 in which you need to eat only  brown rice, wheat, buckwheat and my. There are people that liked so much this diet, they kept it even for more time and even regularly. Sounds drastically but I am sure there is no harm in 10 days of detox.

You will find a lot of rules in keeping this diet but I like to keep the things simple and to don’t have so many boundaries. I would  prefer to stick to the main principles of the diet instead of following too many rules. If you like the diet, try to adapt it to your style and preferences. For sure it’s a healthy diet. What can be wrong in consuming sea vegetables, vegetables and grains and eliminate meat?

So if you adopt a veggie lifestyle, you like grains and you believe in the energetic balance we need to have in our body, macrobiotic diet is a great idea to follow.


And my new motto is: I don’t want to live until 100 years, I want to be healthy over 40. How many of you can say they have no blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or other diseases at 50? Yes, I think we can be healthy also at this age if we maintain a healthy body and a good spirit!


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