Represent, Represent… Cubaaaa!

Remedios BeachI didn’t post lately anything on travel since during winter I don’t experience so much this part. But I invited some friends to add their travel experience to my modest blog.

Here you have a very realistic and sincere story of Cuba from my lovely friend Raluca. It’s good to know that exotic places have also their dark sides and to know what to expect along cha cha, blue sky and mohito. Enjoy!

There are a lot of people who say that there is no other place like Cuba. Personally for me Cuba has not been an amazing experience. I liked and not loved every moment of it. Nevertheless, there were moments when I would not have left a special town, or I would have stayed at a table and drink a mojito for endless hours. And the beaches Continue reading


Summer & music mix and match

tumblr_mlcxpbRg4U1rwps8jo1_500_largeSummer is close and soon all the beach festivals are starting. What a great combination: music, beach, sun and summer! One of the reasons I like these festivals is that you can dress as wild and crazy as you like. The rule sounds more like: no rule, go as wild as you want! And of course: no high heels!

The looks you will always see to the beach festivals are hippie, boho, indie or rocky style. Favorites items: boots, hats, shorts, long large skirts, vests, layers or fringe tanks in any combination you want. It’s like a puzzle of colors and styles. But be careful to don’t forget that even if you want to have a not studied look, this is only the impression you want to show. Your look must still be a look and not something you just took from the washing machine. Continue reading

Conversations with myself: Underneath friendships


A bound between two people is something great, no matter is based on parent love, partner love, family or friendship. And, as any relation, it has to be treated with attention, respect and generosity. I think we all agree in these subjects, but how many we really apply? Aren’t too stuck on what we think about friendship and we tend to treat it in a superficial way? We all want friends, the same as we want a partner, a house and great job. Is it possible friendship transformed more into a pylon of our perfect great lives? Continue reading


Shine 1

After the heavy winter, I feel the need to wear something simple, fresh, shiny and light. I choose a combination of simple t shirt with shinny skirt, minimalistic look with few accessories. I would maintain the make up very simple and natural, with some light pink lipstick. What a clean look! This season white is one of the star colors so you can try create minimalistic outfits based on white. In spite of the black-white trend, I prefer white with silver/ grey.

If it’s too clean for you, here is a touch of color:

Shine 2



I really believe there is a strong connection between our body, mind and spirit. And one of the easiest way to start working for the balance in your life is through diet. Diet is maybe too much to say, i refer more to a way of eating, not a way to loose weight. Of course a healthy eating style can help loose weight also but I don’t want this to be my goal. My goal is to keep a sort of balance in my body. Continue reading