The pretty skirt: from Lolita to Vogue

pretty skirt 2I like very  much to mix styles and in general I am for “No rule” in the way to dress. I am not going to extremes, but I definitely run away from the standard styles, like for example the bank girl/ lawyer style (very formal, uni color). I like the volumes and I think no matter how sexy and tall skinny body you have, the very tight clothes from head to toe it’s too common and overused. So let’s try to add volumes, colors and prints to our style!

The pretty lace salmon skirt can be mixed in a very girlie way with white accessories, blue sweater and natural make up (with a pink blush). If this look is too girlie for a spring afternoon change it with a cartoon print tshirt, flats and a super-sized bag and glasses. Minimal jewelry included.

For an evening look, you can also choose this skirt. Yes, it’s not good for only walks in the park and dinner with his parents 😉 For evening add a sequin silver top with black accessories to cut the cuteness of the skirt and an electric blue clutch. Don’t forget the red lips!

pretty skirt 136929


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