Aztec prints

Aztec PrintLove love prints!

You know when you have too many uni clothes and together they all seam boring? Just change one of your items with a print one and ta na naaaaa…better 🙂 And this wonderful aztec print it’s a great trend to get out from the uni color mood. It’s not a new trend, but it looks better in stores now than few years ago.

I like it especially for the leggings and I think it works great with a parka, lazy sweater and casual boots. For the winter mood the black white aztec print works perfect, but for the summer and sunny days a hint of color it’s the perfect touch to get a party look.

Here some good pictures for “how to wear” ideas.

  • Back & White

Aztec Print


  • Colored Aztec prints, perfect for skirts (the body line skirts I would match with jeans shirt):

Aztec Print



  • Bathing suit (together with a lot of crazy colored bracelets)


Pictures from

  • From where to buy?

Zara Skirt



aztec leggingsaztec topshopCapture2323


aztec image1xlIn the end, I can only close with this:



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