What is your Valentine?

tumblr_mi0roooQLY1rnwbvpo1_400_largeEverybody sees the Valentine’s day with different eyes. For every person, there is a definition. Some hates it, some loves it, some trusts in it, some revokes it. Some finds happiness in it and some finds loneliness and sadness. I am not telling anyone how to celebrate or “uncelebrate” this day, I will just share in images my today’s view. No wishes, no lovely words about love and smart quotations from smarter people than myself.

So, this is me today!

431271_572838249412300_1468409864_ntumblr_mglzrmBt8r1rxg6n5o1_500_large tumblr_mi1rxxGXeA1s3cjsko1_500_largemastery-of-love412-800x800PerfectLove 1660092021_1_1_3 1198076015_1_1_35584281803_2_2_3 7700101040_1_1_3



Outift from Zara: Trousers, t shirts and studded sneaker

Vest from Asos (last picture)


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