Detox Retreats


Vacations are…not anymore just vacations. We are trying now to merge the relaxation and beautiful places with personal benefits, like health. For long time were very popular the spa vacations, which were not quite affordable because were based mainly on expensive care, luxury places and so on. I never liked the idea to pay so much money for some massage in a  luxury hotel full of rich people.

Lately, the interest is not focused only on the outside of our body, but more and more to the inside. In an age of plastic food, hormones, fast food, pills, slow digestion, depression and millions of cancer cases it’s normal we are more and more careful to our body. The new (or old) medicine “theories” are not treating the organ, but the entire body and many think there is a strong connection between body, mind and spirit and that having a healthy body is directly connected to what we eat. Vegetarianism, raw food, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, homeopath treatments…are all part of the same picture.


Coming back to vacations, an interesting idea is to change the luxury spa to a detox retreat. I am not saying detox retreats are cheap..but seams more affordable than a spa vacation and are not (or shouldn’t be) focused on luxury but on healthiness.

  • What is a detox retreat? It’s a vacation of one week (at least) to detox your body. I would better say a first step of detox because years and years of bad food and bad habits cannot be changed in one week. Would be great if so but still..better than nothing.
  • What do you do there? There are different programs, but the most common one is the juice detox. For 7 days you are eating no solid food (don’t worry, you are not starving) letting your colon and body to clean itself. Besides juices, you take intestinal cleansers & herbal nutrition tablets, make colon cleansing (enema) or colonic hydrotherapy. Other activities part of the program: yoga, meditation, massage (reiki, ayurveda), nutritious talks, even body treatments depends on the place.

detox meal

  • Types of programs: Juice Program, Yoga Retreats, Raw food Program, Diverse Fasting Programs, Anti Candida Program and so on
  • Benefits: greater vitality and energy, better immune system, improved digestion, mental well being, better skin, weight lost
  • Where you can go to Detox? The best are known to be in Asia (Thailand, Bali) or South America (Costa RICA, Mexico). Europe is not so known for detox retreats also because of the higher costs compared to Asia or South America. Usually these places are located a bit far from cities or crowded areas, and are very close to nature.
  • Example of a day in a detox retreat

8am- 9.30am: Yoga/ Meditation
9.30am: Supplements and Juice
11am –12 noon: Coffee Enemas
12.30: Juice and supplements
2.30pm: Juice and supplements
4.30pm: Juice and supplements
6-7pm: Herbal Enema
7pm: Evening Broth/juice and Supplements
7:30 pm: Guided Meditation
8pm to 9pm: Evening Talk


Optional: Raw food classes, Massages, nutrition consultation, trips in the nature

  • Europe Retreats (prices are starting with 1300 euros depending on the room type per 7 days):

KaliYoga, Spain (close to Malaga) & France

Detox International, Spain & Portugal

Sura Detox,  UK (Devon)

  • All Over The World

The SPA Koh Chang The difference of price compared to Europe is huge. This is a chain in Thailand, having places in Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and Koh Chang. Reviews are very good on trip advisor and the best (price, reviews) seams to be the one in Koh Chang. Price: 350 EURS for 7 day detox program plus accommodation which starts from 30 euros / night.

– To be added

After the detox vacation, you can go even further to work your mind 🙂 Check these great holiday programs in Greece (Corfu) from Deva Premal:

– In The light of Love: 6 day vacation offering a joyful and loving rejuvenation of Spirit. Morning sessions of Ecstatic Chant are followed by time to explore the magical island of Corfu, and re-charge our energy cells in the pristine Ionian Sea, plus four evening chant sessions.

Tantra Mantric for Couples: Deva, Miten and Tantra master Rafia offer couples an opportunity to nourish and renew their connection in a loving, sacred and supportive atmosphere. The physical beauty and relaxation that is so available in Corfu combines with the singing and chanting to create a perfect environment for tantric practice and meditation.

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