The pretty skirt: from Lolita to Vogue

pretty skirt 2I like very  much to mix styles and in general I am for “No rule” in the way to dress. I am not going to extremes, but I definitely run away from the standard styles, like for example the bank girl/ lawyer style (very formal, uni color). I like the volumes and I think no matter how sexy and tall skinny body you have, the very tight clothes from head to toe it’s too common and overused. So let’s try to add volumes, colors and prints to our style! Continue reading


Aztec prints

Aztec PrintLove love prints!

You know when you have too many uni clothes and together they all seam boring? Just change one of your items with a print one and ta na naaaaa…better 🙂 And this wonderful aztec print it’s a great trend to get out from the uni color mood. It’s not a new trend, but it looks better in stores now than few years ago. Continue reading

What is your Valentine?

tumblr_mi0roooQLY1rnwbvpo1_400_largeEverybody sees the Valentine’s day with different eyes. For every person, there is a definition. Some hates it, some loves it, some trusts in it, some revokes it. Some finds happiness in it and some finds loneliness and sadness. I am not telling anyone how to celebrate or “uncelebrate” this day, I will just share in images my today’s view. No wishes, no lovely words about love and smart quotations from smarter people than myself. Continue reading

Detox Retreats


Vacations are…not anymore just vacations. We are trying now to merge the relaxation and beautiful places with personal benefits, like health. For long time were very popular the spa vacations, which were not quite affordable because were based mainly on expensive care, luxury places and so on. I never liked the idea to pay so much money for some massage in a  luxury hotel full of rich people.

Lately, the interest is not focused only on the outside of our body, but more and more to the inside. In an age of plastic food, hormones, fast food, pills, slow digestion, Continue reading