She wore Blue Velvet


Even I was inspired by Lana del Ray for H&M song Blue Velvet, today’s items are black and coming from Mango. But feel free to change it to dark blue, it’s one of the colors that suits velvet.

Christmas, New Years Eve and winter in general goes very well with velvet. This precious but “heavy” material is perfect for winter parties. The colors I would choose are: black, dark blue, burgundy or dark green.

If you don’t want a classic velvet look try to throw a fur gilet over the velvet dress or a sequin shirt to make the look even more precious.

If you want to play with velvet colors choose a velvet dark blue skirt and add some precious bordeaux shoes like these 2 models from Aldo. For up go for silk shirt. Anything you choose on top, be sure to be very delicate. Don’t just throw a black blouse cause “it’s working” will destroy the look if the black blouse it’s not the “correct” one.

The message you need to send is sophisticated, feminine, vintage, precious!

aldo shoesaldo shoes 2

Go for vintage accessories. Velvet goes very good with dark silver rather than gold.

Mango inspiration:

Mango Velvet Inspiration:

Mango Velvet InspirationMango Velvet InspirationMango Velvet Inspiration73440551_N1Mango Velvet Inspiration


First picture is a wonderful Maria Lucia Hohan (MLH) Becky gown dress that you can order here.

Rest of the pictures are from Mango and you can order any of these items online.


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