Comfy trend: Knitwear and cute animals

Cold winter is very close so we need something sweet to make these days brighter. If during summer we like wearing the bold skull tshirts, a different trend is here for the winter: the  cute animal sweater. What can be more sweet than cuddling to your cup of hot chocolate dressed with a cute sweater, some boyfriend lazy jeans and your favorite UGG? Oh yes..Ryan Gosling close to the cup also 😛

Until Ryan is coming, let’s choose some nice sweater models.
These sweaters are matching with everything from jeans to skirts, and are giving a clean, playful and simple look which is very welcome for the cold snowy days.

Pull and bear sweater

Asos rabbit sweater

Asos pinguin sweater

Asos swan sweater

Assos sweater

Pictures taken from ASOS and Pull and Bear.


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