Mongolian (faux) fur

I love the gilets or sleeveless jacket how you prefer to call them and this is why I decided to have some posts with my favorite models from this season. I remember 5 years ago when I saw first time a faux fur gilet and I remained inlove with this trend. I searched like crazy a model that time…now fortunately the market is more generous. Continue reading


Comfy trend: Knitwear and cute animals

Cold winter is very close so we need something sweet to make these days brighter. If during summer we like wearing the bold skull tshirts, a different trend is here for the winter: the  cute animal sweater. What can be more sweet than cuddling to your cup of hot chocolate dressed with a cute sweater, some boyfriend lazy jeans and your favorite UGG? Oh yes..Ryan Gosling close to the cup also 😛 Continue reading

Maison Martin Margiela Collection for H&M

In case you don’t have plans for tomorrow you can make a mall sessions to check the collection made by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M.

The collection is for sure not very commercial, it’s a game between volumes and minimal lines, on neutral colors.  I see this collection more for tall slim girls so I don’t think it’s an easy collection to wear. But for sure, it’s interesting and I like it much more than Versace or the Anna dello Russo accessories which were a bit too much and sparkling for my taste. Continue reading

Moonlight Breakfast concert

When I discovered Moonlight Breakfast I was surprised it doesn’t have the romanian usual’s not hip hop, it’s not clubbing, dance (or whatever you can call Inna and  Alexandra Stan and the rest..I really don’t know the names but for sure I change the channel if I hear them). It’s not alternative rock, folk…it’s something new, fresh, that sounds really really nice!!!

As they say…it’s a mix of soul, jazz, dance, electro and more, taking you through the 40’s with their clarinet and Club Jordan to the 80’s with their synths, while well anchored in the present by the clever production.

Sounds great!

I love we finally have something like this on romanian market and wish for more!

Today and tomorrow Moonlight Breakfast are having concerts in Bucharest but check their FB page for more details if you like what you hear. And I’m sure you will like 🙂