The leather skirt at work

Finally the fashion arrived to a state of freedom I can say. We don’t need anymore to match the color of the bag with the shoes, we can wear studs and spikes during day, statement accessories at work and so on..Of course, if you don’t work in a very official environment.

Top #1. The leather skirt is one of the things I was not thinking to dress at work couple of years ago. As day outfit, I like the leather skirt to match it with sweater (and collar shirt under), choosing from a neutral color such as brown to more bold colors as electric blue or yellow if you prefer.

For the evening you can choose a sparkling black sweater.

Top #2. If it’s too hot yet for the sweater, I would match the leather skirt with a silk blouse (if it’s not silk or imitation of silk go to idea #3).

I don’t like the simple white – black combinations, so if you choose on top something white, assure to add a vest, jacket in …not black (or grey) 😛 but maybe brown or burgundy since it’s so trendy this season.

Top #3. My last preference for the leather skirt it’s a grey/black/white Tshirt with a simple print on it (not too big). Keep it minimal!

For all the ideas, don’t forget the statement necklace!

*Outfit created on Motilo.


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