Transfagarasan in September

Since long time ago I wanted to take the Transfagarasan road but either was closed, either not enough time. Finally, this weekend I started a small trip to the mountains with the Transfagarasan Road, called number 1 road in the world. I don’t know if it’s number one since I didn’t see the rest, but it’s definitively a very beautiful road. Not so many cars were taking this way so I had the chance to be just me and the mountain.

What you need to know:

where is? It starts after Pitesti, search for Bascov, direction Curtea de Arges and finishes after you cross the mountains, close to Sibiu.  Has 152 Km, and it’s part of DN 7C

Transfagarasan Map

– maximum altitude 2042 meters at Lake Balea

– the road is open few months per year, starting spring and closing usually after september. Depends also on the weather.

– the road goes to Balea Lac which is at more than 2000 meters altitude and you can find snow (so have a jacket with you just in case)

Going up

Some more info about the road:

The Transfăgărășanis the highest and most dramatic paved road from Romania. Built as a strategic military route by the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu between 1970 and 1974, this road connects the historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia, and the cities of Sibiu and Pitesti. The Transfagarasan represents 90 km of twists and turns run North to South across the tallest sections of the Carpathian Mountains between the highest peaks of the mountain in this country.

On top of the mountains this road provides access to Balea Lake, a glacier lake which has been here for thousands of years and it also has an almost 1 km long tunnel straight through the mountain’s top. The road was built at a high cost both financially and from a human standpoint with more than 6 million kilograms of explosive being used on the northern face and official records of 40 soldiers who lost their lives while building it. Unofficial records however mention that only the tunnel took about 400 lives.

The north end of the road is the most spectacular and it’s dotted with steep hairpin turns, long S curves and sharp descents combined with an absolutely stunning view! Between October and June this road is under the snow and usually closed so… that means only a couple of months in the summer it’s available to enjoy a pure driving pleasure. Top Gear also named this road as the best road in the world !


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