Smart look for work

School started, vacations are over. The only thing can be interested now is to refresh the look in the autumn shades. We had to give up to sandals, bright colors, flu flu dresses and crazy colored tops.

But also autumn has its nice colors and some of them looks even better if are put together. After so many crazy summer looks, choose a quiet smart outfit accessorized with autumn colors and shiny items. Inspire from school uniforms and add style!

How to save a medium black skirt and blouse from being too boring? Add details and colors.

  • Add a bit of sparkle like a statement necklace or a bright collar. In autumn you can be more sparkling than in summer, it’s allowed.
  • If the look is mainly going on neutral colors (black, beige, brown)you need some colors. A velvet or burgundy pair of shoes and a mustard jacket/ coat gives a hint of color
  • Make up in line with your look: velvet/ dark violet lipstick and nail complete the outfit. Rest remain neutral.

If the look seams too spophisticated for work just get out the stattement necklace and add something more simple.

This is my idea for starting the autumn: in a girlie yet sophisticated and colored way!


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