Skinny zebra pants

Statement/ print pants are IN this season. But are not for people who wants to passed unnoticed. Compared with summer when you could find the flower print pants, now the pants are having animal print or geometrical design.Colors used: black and white contrast, shades of brown and even  combination of colors for the bold ones.

My proposal look for the zebra pants is a combination of very  high heels ankle boots and a burgundy peplum top. You can choose a black one instead of burgundy if you prefer but I think the combination of white, black, burgundy goes very well together. A pink necklace can give more color and keep a simple make up with the lipstick as main part.

This outfit is more for the going out, or if you have a trendy job , works fine there 🙂

The same pants can be worn in a more simple casual way, using the same colors. The look becomes easily casual by adding a cardigan, big scarf and a big bag. Even more casual with flats, but choose other than black for them to avoid a too “correct” outfit.

If too cold, add a leather jacket on top.

Which one you prefer? 🙂


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