Autumn comes with studded biker boots

Biker boots Zara

Since couple of years ago, the biker boots are starting to arrive in all the shops. This year in particular, the biker boots are updated with studs and/or spikes, on silver or gold and the offer in the shops is larger.

  • look1. They usually goes on black and works great with black skinny jeans/pants and something a bit more large and long on the top.A large long sweater for example.
  • look2. If the weather is good can be worn with jeans shorts or…
  • look3. even a hippie dress for the day.
  • look4 – for night out. Skinny pants, embellished shirt (still a bit more large) and blazer.
  • look5 – combine trends. Animal print tights and a large long casual black sweater up. Or a similar dress.

The message of these boots are “relaxed, cool, not studied way look“.  Keep a simple makeup also. If you want a  more dramatic look, go for smokey eyes or a red lipstick (the rest remaining simple of course).

For top choose the famous parka (not too long if you are petite), blue jeans jacket or a leather jacket. Remember the look has to remain very natural and a bit lazy. Add a big scarf also.

Where I saw them this year: Zara and the rest of the group, Aldo, Stone Creek. Prices varies from 80 EURs to 150 EURs or more.

If you didn’t have the chance to buy a pair in the previous years, don’t worry, are still very fashionable. Plus a good choice for the rainy days 🙂

Biker boots Stone Creek

Biker boots Aldo

Biker boots Zara


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