Transfagarasan in September

Since long time ago I wanted to take the Transfagarasan road but either was closed, either not enough time. Finally, this weekend I started a small trip to the mountains with the Transfagarasan Road, called number 1 road in the world. Continue reading


Bucharest Agenda: 30 september, V for VERDE

Duminica, 30 septembrie 2012 intre orele 11 si 20:00, prima editie V for VERDE transforma Villa Barrio (strada Biserica Amzei, nr. 30) in cel mai verde-aprins loc din Bucuresti. Targul mintilor deschise e manifestul oamenilor care stiu sa se bucure de viata in ciuda orasului gri, deadline-urilor si traficului. Continue reading

Skinny zebra pants

Statement/ print pants are IN this season. But are not for people who wants to passed unnoticed. Compared with summer when you could find the flower print pants, now the pants are having animal print or geometrical design.Colors used: black and white contrast, shades of brown and even  combination of colors for the bold ones. Continue reading

Some of the best vegetarian restaurants are in Prague!

Warm Starters, Clear Head

Being a vegetarian can cause problems when you are in vacation, specially if you choose to visit a very non vegetarian city type, as Prague.

Before leaving in vacation I made a small research on trip advisor to see where I can eat and I left with 4 -5 options. Two of them being vegetarian, the others indian.

I ddin’t have time to check the rest of my list because the 2 I found, Maitrea and Clear Head gave me everything I needed. Continue reading

Prague, My Love

Before deciding to make a trip to Prague choose the period to do it. I would recommend summer. What can be more beautiful than to loose yourself on the streets of Prague under the warm sun of summer.

Summer in Prague is rarely going to 27 degrees, more likely it stays around 24-25 degrees which makes it perfect to walk and walk and walk. And sometimes to stop to a nice terrace. Continue reading