Sicily – Cefalù city

There are a lot of beautiful places to see in Sicily. My favorite ones (from the ones I saw until now) are Taormina, Cefalu, Erice and San Vito (for the beach).

How is Sicily first of all? It’s exactly like their gardens if you saw one: a beautiful disorganization 🙂 The Sicilian gardens are made like somebody just throw there a lot of different trees, flowers, small fountains. There are no rules but you cannot say it’s ugly. It’s rustic, full of flowers and it gives me the pleasure of a sunny afternoon: soft and lazy.

One of the places it’s gathering a lot of tourists is Citta di Cefalù, a small city with some lovely beaches around. It’s no more than one hour drive from Palermo. Start the day at the beach, at lunch try one of the restaurants from the small streets of Cefalù, after take a small walk until the Cathedral, take a gelato/ icecream from the gelateria in front of the Cathedral and go back to the sea. The afternoon cab start with an aperol, continue with a pasta con vongole, white wine and finish with a romantic walk.

Some small tips if you plan a trip to Sicily

  • You need a car
  • Be careful how you drive, the traffic a bit chaotic and sometimes the rules are “forgotten”, thing can get to big frustrations if you are not local and used with this
  • Even Sicily is definitely a place with wonderful landscapes, it’s also very dirty so if you are disturbed by seeing garbage on the streets better to avoid instead of complaining after and not enjoy the good parts
  • July and August are very hot and crowded. Temperatures can get to 40 degrees. Better go in June or September.
  • Be prepared with a small dictionary for Italian cause English is not vey common.
  • Lunch and dinner has particular hours so don’t be surprised if you cannot find food at 4 PM or dinner for 6 PM.
  • Breakfast is made up usually from a sandwich called “panini” or some pastry (they have sweet croissants)  so don’t search for scramble eggs and cafe latte. 😛 Take a cappuccino instead of you regular latte.
  • My favorite plates are: pasta con vongole, pasta con ricci, zuppa di cozze, grilled calamari, insalata di frutti di mare, the italian bread, mozarella di buffala, pasta con tenerumi and lots of olives.

And here are the pictures from Cefalu.


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