Make Up Tutorial – Clio from Italy

While I was in Italy for vacation I made a passion for watching Clio, a very cute TV show for make up tutorials. The host is a known make up artist in Italy called Clio Zammatteo.  The tutorials are in Italian but are well done and they are covering different types of make up depending also on the issues – distant eyes, skin problems or wishes –  from simple natural make up to party ones. The show has also a dedicated part for making in house face treatments such as face masks.

I like Clio cause she has a fresh style and a simple and nice way to explain.


Clio Make Up Tutorials (videos)


Sicily – Cefalù city

There are a lot of beautiful places to see in Sicily. My favorite ones (from the ones I saw until now) are Taormina, Cefalu, Erice and San Vito (for the beach).

How is Sicily first of all? It’s exactly like their gardens if you saw one: a beautiful disorganization 🙂 The Sicilian gardens are made like somebody just throw there a lot of different trees, flowers, small fountains. There are no rules but you cannot say it’s ugly. It’s rustic, full of flowers and it gives me the pleasure of a sunny afternoon: soft and lazy. Continue reading