Denim on top! Go for a denim sleeveless shirt

Since last year the denim used not only for bottom , but also for shirts, vests and jackets is very very back.

Since summer is here, one of the last denim products I saw everywhere in the shops is the denim sleeveless shirt – usually on a very pale blue.  Some models are having lace, some models are having polka dots or little flowers. It’s giving a casual look if you combine with some short pants for the beach or you can go for a minimalist style if you match it with something very simple on the bottom such as a black skirt and high heels. It’s working for office, clubs and vacations look, so I would say it’s a good product to invest.

As I wrote before, I saw it everywhere, prices around 20 – 30 euros . I like it very much combined with skinny flower pants and high heels or with skinny black pants and converse and a funky hat.

With what colors to wear it: very pale like dusted pink, yellow, mint. Or go for totally black.

Change a dress by using a knotted denim shirt on top! A white lace dress and a shirt like the one below would work perfectly.


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