How to have a great Bachelorette party!

What do you need for a bachelorette party?

    1. a lot of girls. If less is better in fashion, for a girls party – more is better
    2. a lot of positive energy
    3. a great location (in our case Sibiu)
    4. good weather and sun

Organizing a girls weekend instead of a club party is much more better and you have time to spend some good time with your friends. Sometimes is better to leave the man home and have a weekend dedicated only for girl talks and stuff.

Thanks for having such a great time to my friends, some newer, some older: Camitz, Oana, Ramo, Miha, Gabi, Vera, Clau, Diana, Alis, Andreea-Oana đŸ™‚

Sibiu is a small city in the heart of Romania with a lovely city center full of colors and old building nicely preserved. I like a bit more than Brasov maybe because it’s more quiet. Time is moving slower there. We got there taking a bus from Autogara Militari. Trips was around 5 hours. Long, I know but was fun being in such a big group.

More than a weekend you don’t have what to do in 2 but in 12 – time is passing fast.

We stayed at Luceafarul Pension – good prices, clean rooms and 2 mins from the center. Plus they have a terrace where you can take a coffee in the morning. Otherwise the food is not my taste, very fat and very romanian.

What you can see: the 2 squares, one called  “Piata Mare”, one “Piata Mica”. Second one is a bit more romantic and has more of that old look.

Where you can have fun in Sibiu? Good music you can find at Oldies Club in city center, which is not a club but nice pub with warm atmosphere. You can stop to have a drink there for sure.

Avoid Zen Club! I can’t find something good or nice for that club. Ugly location, ugly music, bad sound.

Coffee: @ Felinarul

And to conclude, I wish my friend Congratulations and “Casa de piatra”!!!




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