One of the southest points in Europe – Lampedusa Island

Lampedusa Rabbit BeachI am a big fun of the summer and spending my time on the sandy beaches, close to the blue water. I love the sun, the hot water of the sea and islands. If Asia is too far, you can always try the Mediterranean islands, which are having good clean water, sandy beaches and some wonderful rocky landscapes – don’t expect to a lot of green and forest of coconuts.

I tried Lampedusa, an Italian island in the south of Sicily and I wasn’t disappointed. The island is not very crowded which is great if you look for those kind of islands and totally not if you search for a new Ibiza.This island is more for the people who looks for quiet time and very nice landscapes. Also, good prices. The island is not expensive in terms of accommodation, food, scooter or boat rent. I suggest this island if you plan a trip to Sicily and  combine with couple of days in Lampedusa.

Lampedusa Rabbit Beach

Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa

There are couple of very nice beaches on the island, some rocky, some sandy. One in particular is famous, called Rabbit Beach or La Spiaggia dei Conigli. You need to walk some time to get to this beach and there are no restaurants or bars on the beach because authorities are trying to keep this place as virgin as possible – no boats, no cars or scooters allowed too close to the beach. And the result is fantastic indeed. One of the best beaches in my life with a crystal water.

Although the island is pretty desert in terms of vegetation (being so close to Africa), it compensates with the wonderful beaches, water and the fact is not a very touristic and known island. For me, this island is a place where to relax and enjoy good food.

Talking about other things to be done besides laying on the beach:

  • rent a boat and go fishing or just the tour of the island
  • some snorkeling but don’t expect too much as this is not Asia
  • spending some evenings in the “city”, more like a village full of restaurants and pubs. The afternoon you can start with an apperitivo, which is taking a drink and try the snacks and food coming from the house.

That was my only fishing experience in my life. Now I’m vegetarian and definitely not killing animals just for fun 😛 But in that time it was nice to enjoy this simple life  -getting yourself the food, cooking in the evening…well, what can you wish more from a vacation?

Lampedusa collage 2

Boat Trip

How to get there: by plain. I left from Palermo and the trip was around one hour. You can find low costs companies flying there.

Where to stay: check for the houses to rent. I payed 50 euros per night for a small house with one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and lovely terrace with barbeque. I cooked almost every day fish bought fresh from the harbor. I would say is more fun than staying to a hotel and more intimate.

Nice Beaches: Spiaggia dei conigli (the most famous and most beautiful), Cala Croce, Cala Pulcino, Cala Madonna.

Lampedusa MapBut where is Lampedusa? More like in Africa than Italy…

Lampedusa MapAnd the pictures below…

DSCN0350DSCN0372DSCN0640DSCN0505Lampedusa 1DSCN0569Lampedusa collage 3DSCN0404DSCN0470DSCN0520

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