Denim on top! Go for a denim sleeveless shirt

Since last year the denim used not only for bottom , but also for shirts, vests and jackets is very very back.

Since summer is here, one of the last denim products I saw everywhere in the shops is the denim sleeveless shirt – usually on a very pale blue.  Some models are having lace, some models are having polka dots or little flowers. It’s giving a casual look if you combine with some short pants for the beach or you can go for a minimalist style if you match it with something very simple on the bottom such as a black skirt and high heels. It’s working for office, clubs and vacations look, so I would say it’s a good product to invest. Continue reading


How to have a great Bachelorette party!

What do you need for a bachelorette party?

  1. a lot of girls. If less is better in fashion, for a girls party – more is better
  2. a lot of positive energy
  3. a great location (in our case Sibiu)
  4. good weather and sun

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One of the southest points in Europe – Lampedusa Island

Lampedusa Rabbit BeachI am a big fun of the summer and spending my time on the sandy beaches, close to the blue water. I love the sun, the hot water of the sea and islands. If Asia is too far, you can always try the Mediterranean islands, which are having good clean water, sandy beaches and some wonderful rocky landscapes – don’t expect to a lot of green and forest of coconuts.

I tried Lampedusa, an Italian island in the south of Sicily and I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading

Sunday afternoon at Mogosoaia

There are not so may things to be done at Mogosoaia, but a casual afternoon to spend there worths it. You can have a picnic, take some fresh air or just have the lunch to the restaurant. The menu of the restaurant is more romanian style with mici, sauasages and a lot of meet but you can find also some poor salads and sweets.
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