Long weekend break in the Danube Delta – Sfantu Gheorghe

Sometimes the best advice is : keep it simple. And for sure you can taste the best simple life at Sfantu Gheorghe, a village close to the Danube Delta and also with an exit to the Black Sea. The only way you get there is by the boat, which makes even more interesting the things.

It’s taking a bit to get to Sfantu Gheorghe, but once you’re there you have a desert beach, a clean sea, a delta to visit and lots of traditional fish recipes.

Don’t expect to fancy places, clubs or malls – if you want this go to Mamaia or other destinations. Sfantu Gheorghe is a small country village, no cars, no big buildings. The only restaurant is the Green Village one. Instead you will find peace and quiet and a lot of nature.

How to get there: you have to get to Tulcea from where you can take a fast boat. The program can be found on Internet.

Where to stay: there is a resort containing a group of villas with double rooms and apartments and also a camping. This place is quite nice and they are offering  information and help about the transport to Sfantu Gheorghe. Check their site.


Besides the Green Village there are some villas where you can stay and also eat. Some of them are a bit more fancy, some very simple, just the locals houses. I stayed at Casa Alb Albastra, a normal accommodation but with really good the food. If you choose the local accommodation in the village, don’t expect to restaurants but to a small kitchen that will offer you the traditional food – 99% fish. Let yourself surprise and don’t avoid the garlic salsa and polenta.

What to do

  • go to the beach but be prepared with food and water as you will not find restaurants on the beach. Maybe some cows relaxing to the sun.
  • try to make a small  tour in the delta – locals knows where to take you. It’s not something “wow”, but it’s nice and deserves a ride thereon the boat.
  • walk in the village, enjoy the simple country life
  • enjoy the local food
  • green village is organizing some activities so check their site if you like anything

When to go

June, September are the best months since in the middle of the summer are too many mosquito. Try end of August to get also good time for a bath in the sea.

And here are the pictures which are sating much more than my words.


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