Paris is perfect in June

Since June is close, why to don’t organize a small vacation in Paris? It’s the best time to be there because you have: good weather, not too cold, not too hot, flowers, green everywhere.

I love Paris because it gives me a particular feeling, I just feel good there, I love the architecture of the buildings, the streets, the fashion, the food, the rose french wine. And besides this you have Disneyland which is great at any age. Until now I just visited as much as I could, I never had the time to relax in Paris but I dream about one week there without running from Tour Eiffel to Montmartre.

How you visit Paris: with the map, and be prepared to walk a lot. Paris is huge and touristic things are all over the city so establish at least a path for the day. Choose an area per day and don;t run from one part of the city to another. Subway is easy to use and fast.

If it’s your first time there, here is my top with what to do in couple of days.

  1. Montmatre with Sacre Coeur. It’s a very romantic part of Paris, full of color and a sort of bohemian style. The best place to buy souvenirs also.
  2. Jardin du Luxembourg and the area around
  3. Trocadero to see tour Eiffel – walk until the tour and have a picnic on champ de mars. Before sunset you can get into the tour so you can see both at daylight and night. Do it in the week so you avoid weekend crowds
  4. D’Orsay Museum – it’s a lovely museum, not so big as Louvre so you have the chance to really taste the art and not run from on floor to another.
  5. Georges Pompidou Museum. Here you’ll find modern art  – it’s really interesting compared to the classical one. Besides this the area is nice, full of people hanging in front of the museum. And the museum itself looks very interesting (check pictures)
  6. Notre Dame with Saint Michel for eating and all the area around to walk. You can walk the stairs from Notre Dame until up for a nice view over the city
  7. Lafayette Galeries. Not for shopping but for the wonderful building.
  8. All the churches are great in Paris!
  9. Pont Alexandre III, with the Petit Palais and Grand Palais close. The area is full of history and impressive buildings but prepare to walk a lot.
  10. Louvre Area. Even if you don’t go in, the area is great, specially the pyramids.
  11. Place de Madeleine where you can find some shops as fauchon – the art of taste.

If you have time for Disneyland, go for it. For me it’s a must! Also add one day for Versailles, take a bike and walk around the gardens. Great for sunny spring days.

Where I stayed: Chatillon Paris Montparnasse hotel. Area great, hotel very ok specially the bathroom which is big and new. Price – medium but compared to usual prices in Paris I guess it’s ok.

What to eat: onion soup, fondue du fromage, raclette, confit de canard. For sure you will get to Saint Michel so take the opportunity to eat there. Are not the most fancy restaurants but you will find all the typical french food. And the area has a je ne sais quoi 😛

And here are the pictures, the best way to understand how Paris is, through my eyes at least.

Sacre Coeur (Montmarte area)


Jardin du luxembourg

View from Trocadero

Tour Eiffel at night


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