Long weekend break in the Danube Delta – Sfantu Gheorghe

Sometimes the best advice is : keep it simple. And for sure you can taste the best simple life at Sfantu Gheorghe, a village close to the Danube Delta and also with an exit to the Black Sea. The only way you get there is by the boat, which makes even more interesting the things.

It’s taking a bit to get to Sfantu Gheorghe, but once you’re there you have a desert beach, a clean sea, a delta to visit and lots of traditional fish recipes.

Don’t expect to fancy places, clubs or malls – if you want this go to Mamaia or other destinations. Sfantu Gheorghe is a small country village, no cars, no big buildings. The only restaurant is the Green Village one. Instead you will find peace and quiet and a lot of nature.
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Paris is perfect in June

Since June is close, why to don’t organize a small vacation in Paris? It’s the best time to be there because you have: good weather, not too cold, not too hot, flowers, green everywhere.

I love Paris because it gives me a particular feeling, I just feel good there, I love the architecture of the buildings, the streets, the fashion, the food, the rose french wine. And besides this you have Disneyland which is great at any age. Until now I just visited as much as I could, I never had the time to relax in Paris but I dream about one week there without running from Tour Eiffel to Montmartre.

How you visit Paris: with the map, and be prepared to walk a lot. Paris is huge and touristic things are all over the city so establish at least a path for the day. Choose an area per day and don;t run from one part of the city to another. Subway is easy to use and fast.

If it’s your first time there, here is my top with what to do in couple of days.
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The sequin skirt

If you plan a night out and you prefer the skirt instead of the skinny jeans (which are really too used) the sequined skirt is a good idea. It has that glamour red carpet look, so your outfit doesn’t look ready for work instead of club.

How to wear it? With very high heels! Add a transparent silk shirt (cream will work just fine) and you’re ready to go.

Here is my outfit idea for a sexy glamor look  – summer season. I love the colors of the skirt 🙂

River Island Skirt

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The new jacket – chanel style blazer

After 3 years of blazer mania and biker jacket, don’t you feel the need for something new, something fresh? I still love the blazers and leather jacket, but it’s time to give credit to something new in town. The new blazer has something from the chanel type, and gives an extra plus of elegance and style. You can wear it with jeans or shorts for a casual look or a skirt for an elegant look.
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3 days in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers

When I planned my vacation to Thailand, I took the flights from Bucharest to Kuala Lumpur because 2 reasons. One was the price – smaller than the flight to Bangkok and second, because I liked the idea to check on my map another asian big city. To be honest, I was having big expectations from Kuala Lumpur and maybe that’s why I was a bit disappointed. In the end, it’s a city like any other one, big buildings, a combination between shiny malls and poor neighborhoods. I had the impression something is missing from this city, or maybe I couldn’t find it. I also understood outside Kuala Lumpur the country is very beautiful and I am sure of this cause the landscapes in Asia are gorgeous.
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