Welcome fashion spring trends 2012!

I don’t like to think about spring clothes while outside are still 0 degrees. But fortunately, since one week ago the spring arrived, temperatures went over 15 degrees and the sun is calling us to…shopping. It’s time to change the sweaters, boots and scarfs, to put the UGGs back to their box and prepare to check the new collections. While most of the people can’t wait for the sales, I am the kind that can’t wait for the new sparkling collections.

I am sure the pictures with the trends you can find them in any magazine, I will add here the items I like using the spring collections from Zara, H&M, Asos, Forever 21, Mango.

  • First of all, this spring is about light, light pastel colors, light textures, transparency, feminine cuts. Compared to the other seasons I didn’t see so many bold colors (strong orange, electric blue) but more pale shades of pink (dusted pink), coral, yellow, mint, a lot of white also. Try to create an outfit of 3 pale colors: some  yellow skinny jeans, pale pink shirt and a pale blue jeans jacket. You can also be very girlie this season.

Spring Collection Zara skirt

H&M Spring Collection

Mango sweater and jeans

Zara Necklace

  • Second, there is lace everywhere!!! We can’t miss this trend, at least one lace shirt we can add to our closet. Try a nice white dress with some lace details.

Zara Spring Collection top and shorts

Zara Spring Collection shirt

Zara Spring Collection dress

  • Yellow! From dresses to shirts, pants, bags and most of all shoes, it is the yellow spring!

Mango skirt

H&M Spring Collection Dress

H&M Spring Collection jeans and shirt

  • Flowers, flowers, flowers. Try to buy some of the new skinny flower jeans.

Spring Collection Zara

Zara Spring Collection Shirt

H&M Spring Collection pants

  • Peplum look– use this trend for a structural mono color simple look (great for work or for a sexy clean look)

H&M Spring Collection blouse

Spring Collection Zara dress

Asos Skirt

  • The 60s skirt look  – I found some good models at Forever 21

Forever 21 Spring Collection Skirt

Forever 21 Spring Collection Skirt

Forever 21 Spring Collection Skirt

  • The crop top. This top goes with the 60s skirt, but I wouldn’t suggest if you don’t have a tiny figure 😛 Goes ok for parties and vacations look

Asos crop top

Asos crop top

Ideas to shop: some yellow shoes, a lace dress or shirt, skirts – midi, pleated, dip hem, flower print pants, maxi skirt, jeans shirt. Invest in transparent and delicate materials, use a lot of white and soft colors. Use flowers as much as you want :P.


Si o mica recapitulare a pozelor de mai sus. Primavara asta purtam:

  • Pastel – roz, bleu, verde, toate cat mai sterse. Le putem combina impreuna intr-un look fresh si diafan. Jucati-va cu transparentele, fuste maxi din voal, merg perfect cu nuantele pastel.
  • Dantela – deja peste tot in magazine, de la rochite la bluze cu detalii de dantela
  • Galben – daca e o culoare sa defineasca primavara asta, aceea e galbenul in toate nuantele lui. Mizati pe pantofi galbeni 🙂
  • Imprimeuri florale. Fiindca bluze si rochii inflorate o sa gasim tot timpul, sa luam o pereche de jeansi skinny cu floricele
  • Volanase – bluze sau fuste, sunt super pentru un look office si curat
  • Fusta midi 60’s – fusta dupa genunchi. De purtat cu toc! Incearc-o cu botine daca nu vrei sa pari prea retro. Pentru vara o sa mearga perfect cu sandale wedges.
  • Topul tip bustiera – un trend indraznet pentru cine are abdomen de aratat (pentru petreceri si look de vacanta only!)

Ce as cumpara: fuste de toate felurile – plisata, midi, scurta inflorata, de dantela; o pereche de pantofi sau o geanta galbena, o bluza cu detalii de dantela, niste blugi skinny inflorati, fusta maxi…offff cate as mai cumpara 🙂

Ce magazine am folosit pentru poze: Zara, H&M, Asos, Forever21, Mango



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