Absolutely fabulous fair…in Bucharest

I discovered couple of months ago the Absolutely Fabulous events. What is: a sort of fashion fair, from where you can buy either vintage accessories (bags, jewelry, some clothes) but also hand made items (again accessories are very good at this chapter). You can also find a lot of nice clothes, vintage or new designers one. The prices are of all types, you can find also some not expensive hand made accessories (50 ron), but I also saw some 200 ron lace blouses. Still…not very expensive, no? So feel free to take a look and personalize your wardrobe with some unique items!

What I liked most are the unique accessories can be found here: collars with lace, bows, necklaces, belts and the list can go on and on.  And it’s a very colorful place, gives you a good sensation!

What to expect: it’s very crowded (organized on Saturday), and a bit difficult in trying the clothes since is not a store, but a restaurant. Entrance fee is 10 ron. Also, you need to be prepared with cash since you cannot pay with the card.

Where is: Villa Rodizio, close to Romana, Gradina Icoanei. It’s a nice restaurant and during the summer the atmosphere is even nicer cause you can take a place in the garden and chill out with a lemonade or a Aperol Spritz 😉

When: the fair is organized every 2 – 3 months, you can look to their site or facebook to get more news.

If you want to get the feeling from there..check the pics..not the best quality but hopefully you can get an idea of what you can find there.


Am descoperit acum cateva luni targurile Absolutely Fabulous, un targ de accesorii si hainute, unele mai vintage, unele doar de inspiratie vintage. Preturile sunt ok, nu vorbim de haine de designeri scumpi, dar poti gasi piese originale, unice si care sa iti completze o tinuta. Ce am gasit pana acum: guleras de dantela aplicabil (50 ron), fusta lunga din voal cu brau de inspiratie araba (100 ron),  brau cu motive de insipratie folclorica (50 ron), brose, bentite…

E destul de aglomerat, se tine sambata in villa rodizio (langa gradina icoanei) si se percepe o taxa de 10 ron.

Recomand pentru o iesire intre fete, incheiata pe terasa de la villa rodizio (daca e vara bineinteles)


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