My favorite dresses from Gopo 2012

Gopo is the Romanian Oscar and I see from year to year it starts to be more famous. I am not a big fan of Romanian movies even if I admit from an artistic point of view are very good, I just don’t like the feeling I have watching a Romanian movie..always some sort of sadness, a grey feeling.

Being a copy after the idea of Oscars, Cannes, also the outfits have to keep the glamor idea. And here are my favorites outfits, starting with #1  Dana Rogoz. Wonderful dress and the red detail of the clutch is just perfect.

Dana Rogoz Gopo 2012

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Welcome fashion spring trends 2012!

I don’t like to think about spring clothes while outside are still 0 degrees. But fortunately, since one week ago the spring arrived, temperatures went over 15 degrees and the sun is calling us to…shopping. It’s time to change the sweaters, boots and scarfs, to put the UGGs back to their box and prepare to check the new collections. While most of the people can’t wait for the sales, I am the kind that can’t wait for the new sparkling collections.

I am sure the pictures with the trends you can find them in any magazine, I will add here the items I like using the spring collections from Zara, H&M, Asos, Forever 21, Mango.

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Thailand chapters – all about Ao Nang

The last part of my trip was in Ao Nang, Krabi, which is not an island, but a very touristic place on the Thai coast. The beach is not fantastic but it’s a good place to take a long tail boat and “fly” to one of the islands around.

What is around? Poda Island, Hong Island, Chicken Island, Railway and the list can go on with some more distant destinations such as Phi Phi and Bamboo Islands. Prices are starting with 200 baht per trip and gets to 3800 baht for Bamboo.

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How to wear the collar

It’s not new but lately the market starts to have more and  more models. The collar, not the shirt with collar became in the last months a pretty nice accessory, and sometimes even a jewelry, a stylish combination between collar and necklace.

Feel free to use in every combination you want, lately the fashion is more for keeping clean the look and add something very interesting (usually big) at your neck.

Ideas: for a night out go for a delicate blouse together with a shiny collar and simple skinny pants (can be also jeans but I am sick of them). Try these new pants made of delicate fabrics, like silk or similar.

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Absolutely fabulous fair…in Bucharest

I discovered couple of months ago the Absolutely Fabulous events. What is: a sort of fashion fair, from where you can buy either vintage accessories (bags, jewelry, some clothes) but also hand made items (again accessories are very good at this chapter). You can also find a lot of nice clothes, vintage or new designers one. The prices are of all types, you can find also some not expensive hand made accessories (50 ron), but I also saw some 200 ron lace blouses. Still…not very expensive, no? So feel free to take a look and personalize your wardrobe with some unique items!

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