Present ideas

Since this month we are celebrating the women..yeeey for us girls, I was thinking why is it so hard for man to buy a present? I see so many options and ideas, so many that I can split them on categories, budget, colors ..joking

Here are some ideas, in case you feel lost on 8th of March, her bityhay, her onomastic birthday, any kind of anniversary. But what you need to remember: if you can personalise the gift in any way, go for it. Women looks for attention and proofs they are unique. Impress her with something that has a meaning for you too, a present “made for her”, not for any women..

  • if it’s a small occasion, flowers are always welcome. If it’s a more important occasion, again flowers are welcome with the present. If you don’t want to stop to a florist, order the flowers on line and make her a surprise to the office 🙂

  • jewelry. There are so many options on the market, from lower price to higher, from silver, gold or just from Accesorize store. What: earings, bracelet, watch, a charm…If you are not sure of her tastes, just go for something simple, a small pair of earings. Make the surprise to count! Don’t forget about Pandora!

  • perfume..if she is not the type of girl committed to one perfume label, then one more perfume is more than welcome! If you’re not sure of her taste, don’t choose a strong fragrance and check the best sellers or new in perfumes. Where: Sephora

  • body shop category..Body scrubs, can buy anything just remember to look good..and smell good 😛

  • a baaaag..that’s a great one if you can find a nice leather model. There are never enough bags for us girls. With the model below you cannot fail, no matter what color you choose!

  • tickets to something..a concert to come, a theater play
  • weekend break air tickets to a close location or just make the reservations to a nice place to the mountain, sea or another close city and jump in the car

  • spa day or halfday :P..just for her or both of you. If you can find a place where they have also a pool, jacuzzi to lose 2 more hours besides the massage treat, even better. check spa centers for their gift packages.
  • details..a nice notebook, cup or candle
  • Play: buy her a canvas and everything she needs to make a paint

  • lingerie. You don’t have to buy something you need exact measures like a bra, but you can buy a nice sexy item. Choose a more expensive brand for this kind of present if you want to impress. Go for lace, for something more boudoir type

  • Chocolate box..choose some fine Belgian chocolate, don’t go for the hypermarket brands

  • take her a pet..if it’s too complicated, also a bonsai it’s ok


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