Go maxi from the back, mini from the front..the dipped hem skirt

Not so new but definitely my last obsession even outside are still 0 degrees 😛

The dipped hem skirt or asymmetric skirt or whatever name..On my language: short in front and going to long in the back. The effect is really nice, specially if the skirt (or dress) is maxi on the back. You have a sexy touch from the front but also a romantic one from the movement of the dress.

I tried couple of them but either I didn’t like the print, or price or material. I have of course “my dream one” in my head but until I don’t learn to do it for myself I just hope to be lucky to find one I like in the stores…maxi in the back, short in the front, with volume to amplify the wave sensation, a nice print, transparent ..oh..and not too expensive 😛

You can also try different looks, depends on the material of the dress and the length….romantic evening with a maxi chiffon one and high heels sandals, casual summer look with a maxi cotton one and flat sandals, rock style with medium one and rock boots, for work I would go for a medium one (such as zara one from the picture) and I would take it with high over knee boots and a nice short jacket…you got it ..I already see a lot of possibilities 🙂

Where I saw already: Zara, River Island, Asos. I picked some pictures but let your mind free how to wear it – my favorite: river island leopard print.

leopard print River Island skirt

Romantic look

Rock casual look

Casual look

Zara Skirt new collection - medium

River Island Skirt new collection - maxi

River Island Skirt new collection - medium

Other Blog Inspiration


asos skirt


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