How is Bangkok?

Street food in china town

Moving further with my story, we are heading to Bangkok.

I don’t know for you, but for me the name was sounding interesting, announcing a veeeery authentic experience. Reading more about Bangkok, I started to change a bit my view, but the plans were done and I said..if you go until Thailand, why not to try a short trip to Bangkok?

I choose 3 days for Bangkok and I decided my check list:a bit of history from old city (Grand Palace area), a bit of China from Chinatown, a bit of shopping from MBK and malls around.

The city is…crowded, smelly, humid, hot…Rush hour is at any hour 🙂

  • History and temples. You cannot miss the Grand Palace area because is the Versailles of Bangkok. What you need to be careful in this area: to all people they try to sell you cheap trips (20 baht) until “lucky budha” temple or anything with a not familiar name. Don’t trust people are saying the temple is closed at lunch, just follow your way and avoid anyone is trying to sell you something, no matter how cheap it is. They only want to trick you to buy fake gems or to take you to tailor stores or whatever thing is not on your visiting list. Grand Palace is opened until 3:30 PM every day and you need to wear long pants/ skirt, something decent otherwise you need to borrow extra cost some clothes from the palace.  How to get there? By boat from any pier (take the big boat, follow big crowds of people and don’t buy individual trips). The skytrain is letting you to one of the piers (Saphan Taksin – BTS Silom Lane). What is around the area? Wat Pho temple. I was reading also about some nice trips with the boat to Thonburi channels but I somehow didn’t get how to go there.
  • China Town. This I really enjoyed. It’s an area full full of people, shops, street food, tuk tuks, but it was so different to what I saw until now that I found this to be the most interesting part of Bangkok. I visited in the evening, I tried the street food, I enjoyed the spectacle around me. Don’t expect a clean place, I saw also bugs on the streets (big bugs) 😛
  • Jim Thompson House. It’s a sort of museum, a house made of 7-8 little thai houses, everything combined in such a nice way. You can also see some very old art pieces and all the tours are done with a guide so you can understand what you see. There is a lovely garden around the house, also a restaurant to chill out and drink a fruit shake.
  • Shopping. Ok, I am some sort of fashion addict but I don’t run after Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Marc Jacobs, I am more Zara and H&M style. Bangkok is famous for its big shiny malls, but I was not searching for expensive shops, I was more interested to buy some normal price items, local brands to remember me of asia. I didn’t. Why? Cause the normal clothes are made of bad fabrics, polyester is everywhere, they look cheap, there are no leather shoes, bags and so on. I didn’t search for hours of course otherwise my boyfriend could have go mad but I can say you need to know probably some good local brands (good prices, nice models) and go directly there. In the same area – Siam, there are couple of Malls: MBK, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, so depends on your time, you can spend some hours there.
  • What to eat? Try the food court in MBK mall (very diverse), street food in Chinatown. When I am in small trips I don’t hunt restaurants, only if  have them on my way. I also tried a cocktail to Bayoke sky Hotel (at 80 and something floor). I was expecting something more luxury so I think the sky bar at Lebua is much more better, it looks very cosmopolitan. Bayoke sky bar gave me the impression of something old. And if you like Lebua, take a coffee to Mandarin Hotel 😉 Sometimes, life needs to be enjoyed…And if you are a Starbucks fun as I am, you will find couple of them on your way…one tall soya latte to go!

For 3 days this is what I could do, hope my reviews are useful.

Where I stayed: Centre Point Silom, 4 stars (MD included), 200 eurs/3 nights (for room). Very nice hotel with studios and apartments (you don’t need to use the kitchenette), with a very cozy touch, everything on white, big room, big bed, big great toilet (shower and bath), all clean, nice pool, in a very good location – close to the pier (boat) and BTS (the sky train). One of the things I liked most in Bangkok was the hotel I stayed :P.


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