Romanian Valentines is Dragobete..happy Dragobete!

I would say not sometimes, but always...

Today in Romania we celebrate or we should celebrate Dragobete, the day of love. It’s the same idea of Valentines and even most of the people are celebrating Valentines day, there are enough taking a pick also to this day, like myself 😛

Looking around, I don’t see so many perfect couples as movies showed us should be. I see a lot of difficult relationships, problems, lack of understanding and communication..Maybe it’s the age, the society, the economic crisis, who knows..

But bottom line, despite all the bad or just ordinary moments, we all have those magic moments when we feel the one close to us is “home”, and we are happy. We are happy cause we feel understood, we feel complete, we feel loved and we love ourself.

So..happy Dragobete, maybe you will have a moment like this today!



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