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My Itinerary


I will start the blog with some useful information, in this case my experience in Asia. One year ago I decided to feed my soul with an exotic experience..Thailand. Yeeey yeeey!

Why Asia?

1. It’s one of the cheapest exotic destinations achievable from Europe.

2. It’s exooootic!

3. It’s faaaar!

4. Should have all: different culture, people, history, wonderful beaches, spa, interesting food, and the list can go on and on.

I should also define “my type” of vacation I wanted for Thailand, or “we” wanted cause we are two

  • A medium vacation, not to spend too much, but not the backpacker style (just not my type). So my accommodations had to be cozy, nice and not too expensive. 19 nights – 550 eurs/person
  • I wanted wonderful landscapes, nature
  • To stay not less than 3 weeks
  • To don’t take the standard route I see in the travel agencies: Bangkok-Pataya
  • To don’t eat for 3 weeks anything else than asian food
  • To combine visiting with chill and relax
  • To try new things: rafting, elephant riding, cooking classes, thai massage, asian food courts, chinatown, a bit of Travel and living feeling 😛
  • To loose hours and hours on those white sandy beaches and to check most of the things I liked on my google search about Thai..

So, step 1: I bought the tickets. Turkish plus Malaysia Airlines: Bucharest-Istanbul-Kuala Lumpur – 650 EURs (for when: January-February 2012). If you plan a trip to Thailand, don’t think you necessarily have to land in Thailand, you can also choose one of the destinations around (Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, etc) and from there take an Air Asia flight until Thai. And very important: hunt promotions of all air flight companies: Turkish, Malesian, Qatar, KLM, Air France…You can also get a ticket with 550 Eurs.

When to go is also an important question. You can choose between 3 seasons (rainy, dry, very hot and dry). I choose January-February to catch the good season (not rainy, not too hot). Plus: good weather, the wonderful sensation to leave Romania at minus 10 degrees for +30 . Minus: more expensive (the accommodation) and a bit more crowd I suppose compared with low seasons.

Step number 2: define my itinerary. So, I started to read forums, blogs, travel advisor and anything I found interesting. Conclusion: KL-Chiang Mai-Bangkok-Phi Phi-Ao Nang-KL. Internal flights: Air Asia (prices..around 50 Eurs per ticket). Why only the west coast? I decided it’s too much running for 3 weeks to arrive also on the other coast and after some reading my options were Phi Phi and Ao Nang.

  • Why Chiang Mai? If you get to Thai, why to don’t see as much as possible? It’s a nice city, in a nice location, like a fresh air. It’s full of temples, the landscapes are wonderful, it’s a very good place to get in contact with the elephant farms if you want this plus it’s cheaper than BK or south.
  • Why Bangkok? Here I had some doubts if I will like but I was hoping to find something very different from European culture, and I China Town. The rest, I didn’t like so much.
  • Why Phi Phi? It’s sold as the most beautiful island in Thailand and it’s very possible to be. It’s the place I enjoyed the most in Thai.
  • Why Ao Nang? A lot of thinking what location to choose between Kata, Ko Lanta, Ao Nang..I wanted the most beautiful one, I was really searching for wonderful landscapes. Plus, I found a nice resort with wood bungalows, perfect to conclude my Thai trip.

Step number 3: book hotels. After hours and hours spent on reading comments on booking, agoda, trip advisor I accomplished my target. Two recommendations I have in this case: Centre Point Silom for Bangkok and Baan Habeebee Resort in Ao Nang. I will tell you more about it.

Next posts I will come with more information for each of the places I visited. Of  course, all my opinions are very subjective 😛

Bamboo Island


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